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Data Series

MapLight licenses data about federal campaign finance and bills in Congress.

Capitol hill

Bill Positions

MapLight’s unique, high-value Bill Positions data set shows which companies and organizations support and oppose a particular bill in Congress.

MapLight’s Bill Positions data tracks support and opposition for bills moving through Congress, by the companies and organizations that are affected by them. These connections are critical to researching and understanding companies and government actions.

Source documents can include companies’ websites, press releases, government documents, congressional hearings testimony, and other credible public record sources. We provide more than 10,000 citations for each session of Congress, updating the data throughout each day.

Campaign finance

Campaign Finance

MapLight’s Campaign Finance data series includes all campaign contributions to U.S. federal candidates. The data is up-to-date, name-standardized and fully supported.

Custom data

Custom Data

MapLight also creates custom data sets for clients. These include lobbying data, membership in trade associations, and other data as-requested.

Key Features

  • Reliable and accurate, drawing on 15+ years of MapLight data series excellence

  • Fully-supported by our subject-matter experts

  • Available via download, API, or a custom search interface

Screenshot of data showing a candidate's financial contributions
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