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How We’re Funded

MapLight is funded by earned revenue from cities and state who use our software. We also receive grants from philanthropic foundations and donations from individuals.


We are deeply grateful to the foundations that enable us to serve the public good.
The following foundations have awarded grants to MapLight, over the past two fiscal years:

  • Beall Family Foundation

  • DiPaola Foundation

  • FThree Foundation

  • Gaia Fund

  • Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation

  • Kaphan Foundation

  • WhyNot Initiative

  • Zero1derful Foundation, an advised fund of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation


A number of individuals have made large personal donations in support of our work for a better democracy. We want to recognize their generosity here and invite you to join their proud ranks. The following individuals have donated $10,000 or more to MapLight, over the past two fiscal years:

  • Matt Cutts

  • Doug Edwards

  • James Heerwagen and Hilary Schneider

  • O’Farrell-Principe Family

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