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Voter Information

Web-based ballot guides with information on candidates and ballot measures, for government and nonprofits.

Shows each voter their individual ballot

Includes all candidates and measures

Voters are more knowledgeable and prepared

The MapLight online voter guide system lets each voter learn about the candidates and measures that will appear on their ballots. The guide can include candidate statements, campaign finance summaries, polling place locations, and other information to match your specifications and preferences. Our system is robust and scalable, with more than two million voters using MapLight’s voter guide systems each election year.

With the MapLight voter guide, voters are more knowledgeable and more prepared. Based on a survey of MapLight voter guide users in California:

  • 91% said the voter guide made them more confident about their voting decisions

  • 77% said that they would vote for more offices and leave fewer choices blank thanks to the information found in the voter guide

  • 68% said that they considered making a different choice on one or more ballot measures, based on the voter guide

Key Features

  • Appealing user interface that voters appreciate

  • Ability to include federal, state, and local candidates and ballot measures for a comprehensive ballot guide

  • Ability to include candidate statements, campaign finance, and other information if desired

  • Fully hosted SaaS solution conserves IT resources

Screenshot of Candidate Information for Voters
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